Imagine Ranking Websites Using Complete Push Button Automation Over and Over Again.

Would Ranking Your Websites Change The Way Your Online Business Generates Leads and Sales?

How do you think your online lead generation or rank and rent business would do, if you had a website ranking system that gives Google and the other search engines exactly what they are looking for to rank your websites?

What's Stopping You From Top Rankings?

  • Understanding Technolgy
  • Not Enough Time
  • Information Overload
  • SEO Experience
  • Need A Easy To Follow Plan

What If We Showed You How To Rank Your Websites On Auto Pilot?

What we are about to share with you is super urgent information if you rely on Google for any amount of traffic to your website.

You see, over the last year, Google has slowly been implementing a new way of indexing websites in their algorithm.

Now, this is significantly impacting how Google is ranking websites across every single niche.

and until now, no one has stepped up to the plate to make an easy way to rank websites the way that Google really wants because it's too much work.

Take two websites, for example.
Both have similar content and have been on-page search engine optimized the same.
The next crucial difference will be off-page signals, showing Google the importance to rank one site higher than others for search terms.

This all takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to create the needed resources to make this happen.

What if the complete secret automation success plan was handed to you to use over and over again?
Better yet what if you could copy and paste the exact proven blueprint we use and gave you the step-by-step training of setting up your own authority automation systems?

One action set by you sends out dozens of authority signals for Google to see and rank your websites on autopilot.

That's right as many websites as you want using a proven automation system that you fully control.

There are many signals that Google and the other search engines need to rank your websites and now you can have your very own ranking system that will send out the correct authority signals to tell the SERPs to rank your websites.

Your competition will not know what hit them when you take over the rankings.

WHY! Because they did not take the time and effort to do what you will be doing using complete automation systems that take minutes to use once they are set up.

We needed an easier and faster way to get our websites indexed and ranked so we created through trial and error what would work best so that we could automate the entire process.

Our DFY Magic Ranker system which you will have access to shortly has taken 11 months to develop and create a step-by-step process to allow you to simply copy our blueprint of automation and add it to your personal accounts.

This way you have 100% full control over your entire DFY Magic Ranker Automation System.

We really considered not sharing our system but felt a moral obligation to help our community by allowing our system to be used by a select number of people.

Usually, Time and Effort and Tech Know How are what hold most people back from doing what it takes to rank websites properly.

Are you willing to do what it takes to set up your DFY Magic Ranker System to use on the websites you build for yourself or your client's websites as a paid service to charge for?

That's right everything is already done.

Without any coding, technical skills, SEO experience, or development knowledge…

However, there is work involved on your part to have your very own DFY Magic Ranker System.

I know you are asking yourself what will I have to do.

You will have to set up the personal accounts we show you in the step-by-step training. Like Google accounts etc.

If you are not willing to do what's required this system of ranking websites on autopilot is not for you.

However, if you are willing to follow our step-by-step training and make simple connections as described in the training.

You will have an unfair advantage your competition will not be able to replicate.

We only want action takers to have access to our DFY Magic Ranker System.

In fact, we know just how powerful the basic system is on its own.

Only the people who take action and are willing to build a DFY Magic Ranker System will get the DFY Magic Ranker Elite Training Included If the allotted spots are still open.

The advanced features will expand your system 100-fold on autopilot after you connect your accounts.

DFY Magic Ranker Elite Valued $997

We Are the Founders of DFY Magic Themes and The DFY Magic Ranker System, Robert Weglewski and Stephen Brocklehurst.

Here's What Our first users have to say about the DFY magic ranker system and training.

Are You Ready To Take Action and rank your websites on autopilot?

We know everyone wants to see exactly what the DFY Magic Ranker Is However the DFY Magic Ranker is so powerful we can only share the secrets with action takers.

You will have all the step-by-step training to build your very own DFY Magic Ranker System with our full support.

You now have that big important decision to make!

Stay where you are struggling to rank websites or be one of the lucky few to get the DFY Magic Ranker System at the low price of $997.

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This is not a scarcity tactic we do not want the market flooded with our business website ranking system that we are currently using for ourselves.

Take every unfair advantage you can to save time and effort but at the same time get your websites ranked.

You can start building your digital assets faster across the entire web knowing you have the backing of your DFY Magic Ranker System to help rank your sites with push-button automation

DFY Magic Ranker $997
DFY Magic Ranker Elite $997

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DFY Magic Ranker $997
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Full Step By Step Training Showing you every click as well as copy and paste our already proven DFY Magic Ranker Blueprints

There will be no refunds after the purchase once you have our blueprints and shared knowledge of the complete DFY Magic Ranker System.

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Get ahead of everyone else and we'll see you on the inside.

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faqs Questions?

Are there any upsells?

You can join the DFY Inner Circle Mentoring but it's optional to help you succeed.

The DFY Magic Ranker Elite is optional but higher recommended.

Are there any additional costs after the purchase?

You can build based on a FREE account or advanced automation features are recommended for best results.

Is the DFY Magic Ranker really a one-time payment?

Yes, You will own your DFY Magic Ranker System

Are there help options If I get stuck on tech issues?

Yes, We support all DFY Magic products fully. Simply raise a support ticket.